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Jane's Reading at Anastasia Book Store was exhilarating!!
Members listen to Karen discuss the "Floating Element" of memoir.

Our deepest thanks to authors Karen Salyer McElmurray, Georgia Ann Banks-Martin and Sandra Gail Lambert for making this our best retreat! Watch this page for more photos and other memories! And if you'd like to share your experience with us through words or JPEGs, please, forward them to Judy.
      Jane Stories 2011 Retreat
The presenters engaged us at the workshops at A1 Ale!
Sandra talks about her search for an agent.
I was reminded again of the importance of community in its most genuine form--conversation, fellowship, language summoned from the heart. 
--Karen McElmurray
"October with the Janes"

So many friendly faces
People in from different places
Across the country and just right here
St. Augustine’s Jane Retreat
Gave me great cheer!

It was a delight to sit with all you Janes
But I won’t get real mushy
From that I’ll refrain!

Must say, though, that being with you, m’dears
Certainly addressed some basic fears…

Fear of writing, fear of being heard
Fear of letting our voices be shared
Fear of taking those very first steps
Seeking agents, publication
And all the rest.

Just know that this retreat
Buoyed my confidence
Gave me more contacts
And helped me make sense

Of these feelings, this knowledge
This ability to write
Sharing my ideas, my thoughts
My beliefs and my insights.

Thanks to everyone for being honest and authentic
My time with you was really well spent!

-- Helena Angell
Though I have no photographs of the recent Jane's retreat, I do have "snapshots in my mind" of the event: listening to the snippets of writers chatting as they gathered around the little feast at Anne's house; gazing at the stars outside together as St. Augustine lights twinkled in the distance; enjoying the speakers while watching boats out in the bay; hearing the (writing exercise) descriptions of several women's childhood yards and homes (Shobha's, with the pillars and the roses!). More than anything, I enjoyed hearing the stories of each writer's life.
--Inez Holger
It was a most wonderful workshop, in which everyone felt free to participate, and had valuable things to say. For me the most important part was being with women who are writers, who know what writing involves, and think it is worthwhile work.

They have experienced writing as I have. Mucking around in my mind to dig up thoughts, and catching them as they fly out. Beginning with a plan, or throwing scraps at the screen to see what happens. Returning the next morning to find words dead on the page or a sentence that sings. Tidying up the mess - one of my favorite parts, as I am a decisive editor. Exulting when, after many revisions, a draft feels final. (It never is.) 
--Elizabeth McCulloch -----Read more on her website.
Thanks again to Anne for holding the Friday night Social in her home. Shobha and I wished we could have gotten Karen and Georgia there earlier, but US Air would not cooperate!
Georgia gave us insight into Archteypes and how they stem from Fairy Tales.

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