Jane's Stories Press Foundation

Harvest Retreat 
For Women Authors
 date:      October 5, 2014
 place:     Hackney's on Lake
Glenda Bailey Mershon & Christine Swanberg
Glenda Bailey-Mershon, author of Eve's Garden and Sa-co-ni-ge/Blue Smoke, and Christine Swanberg author of The Alleluia Tree and  Who Walks Among the Trees with Charity.

We had a really great time and learned a lot! Hackney's was again wonderful to us.
Rescuing Abandoned Fiction

Glenda Bailey Mershon

Do you have a drawer full of neglected stories, or perhaps a ditched novel or two? Let's talk about ways to get them back on track, how to scare yourself into an improved manuscript, and the pitfalls and joys of leaping into a career writing fiction. Glenda Bailey-Mershon will share her story of saving a long-neglected novel from the trash pile and show you how to avoid her past mistakes. This workshop will include exercises to help you over common hurdles, as well as a discussion of readying your work for the marketplace.

You can learn more about Glenda on her website, her blog, or her Women and Books and on our Anthology Authors page.
Poetry Presentation

Christine Swanberg

Christine will share some of her poems and talk about what "prompted" her to write them as well as their "shaping." Q and A follow. The workshop will focus on what prompts a poem into being and on "the shape a poem makes." We will look at various ways of sculpting free verse. We will also revisit the sonnet form to see what we might learn and create from that. Participants will have the following choices: 1. reshape a poem you have already written 2. write a new poem 3. try writing a sonnet. After a break, we'll form a Poetry Circle in which we'll share poems. This will not be a formal critique but a celebration of the work generated or revised today.

You can learn more about Chris at Illinois AuthorsWind Publications and on our Anthology Authors Page. 
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