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Thanks so much for a great day with Janes at the retreat in Glenview. What a delightful group of enthusiastic, curious, and fun women. It's good to see the lively interplay among them. My job was easy thanks to the women sharing their experiences and insights. 
--Christine Swanberg 
Jane's Stories 2016 Retreat for Women Writers!
Hackney's on Lake
1514 E. Lake Ave ~ Glenview, IL 60025 

October 5, 2013         9:00 AM - 3:00PM
Ghostwriting and Burgers
An Absolutely AMAZING retreat!

We had a fantastic retreat!! Christine Swanberg, awesome poet and fabulous teacher, guided retreaters -- most of us dyed in the wool prose writers -- to a better understanding of poetry! Shobha Sharma, JSPF president, chemist, and writer extraodinairre, led a great Critique Circle. We laughed, learned, talked, and wrote! We all made this a day to remember ~ but don't take my word for it! Read these testimonials from participants:

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The retreat was wow! it lived up  - and more - to JSPF's engaging call letter. What a pleasure - the  critiques, conversation, food, and camaraderie. Most of all, I learned much listening to Christine. Her poetry and instruction were captivating. (Generally, I am not a poetry buff -- this is the first I've enjoyed poems so much.)

Heartfelt thanks to Shobha, Christine, JSPF, and the attendees for making it all happen.

Warm regards,  Kamala Sarma     
It was great to spend the day in the company of so many smart, creative women. And it is always fun to see how writing to a prompt sparks ideas. --Linda Mowry
 For me, listening to new works by a diverse group of women and sharing in a loving, accepting setting, was the highlight of the retreat. What more could a writer want?  --Gayle Ann Weinstein